1000840.01.005 - Fischer United Kingdom Sales

BRAND Fischer
Product 1000840.01.005
Description PT1000/4-20 mA CONVERTER
Internal code IMP16658
Weight 1

Please Contact Us to Order to offer best price and delivery time fo r Fischer -  1000840.01.005  PT1000/4-20 mA CONVERTER  number, also you may ask some other model number is well. We can offer best price, and delivery time with wide products distribution network in United Kingdom Industrial products Market.WE SELL ONLY ORIGINAL AND NEW PRODUCTSOur company is not an authorized distributor and manufacturer's representative of the brands shown on the website. Private brand names shown on this site and trademarks are the property of their respective owners

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PT1000/4-20 mA CONVERTER


Vaccum chamber with plate PC/PP 4,7 L


Magnetc stirrer


Polycarbonate Faceshield


FISCHER 1051.1569 PROTECTIVE SLEEVE For SE and KE cable types


FISCHER 1051 KE 8.7 TRIAX CONNECTOR Cable socket, including cable clamp and cap


FISCHER 1051 SE 8.7 TRIAX CONNECTOR Cable plug, including cable clamp and cap


FISCHER 1051 DB 8.7 TRIAX CONNECTOR Panel socket, open rear termination


FISCHER 1051 DS 8.7 TRIAX CONNECTOR Panel plug, open rear termination

50491 GB8

Aerated Concrete plastic

512 146

FZP-11 13X26 M8/50/17 AL

513 226

FZP-11 13X26 M8/50/17 AL granites of 3 cm


PAD PLATFORM FOR HANDSETS with optional keypad cover; suitable for all handsets MP-Series except for SIGMASCOPE SMP1 / 2, Cu-SCOPE CMP1, NICKEL SCOPE NMP2, PERMASCOPE / ISOSCOPE MP0 (S) / MP0D and DUALSCOPE MP0D.


Ni-MH battery rechargeable 9V, 9V, 170 mAh, suitable for all devices except SIGMASCOPE,


Steckerlader for charging a 9V Ni-Mh battery, 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz.


BOTTLE test liquid 100 ml test liquid in Refill for instrument Anotest


VE measuring cells D = 6mm self-adhesive, Packaging 100


VE measuring cells D = 13mm self-adhesive, Packaging 100


VE measuring cells D = 26mm self-adhesive, Packaging 100


ELECTRICAL REFERENCE YDR3 for Anotest YD for d values ​​(measurement stage in the Y domain containing 20 .mu.S) no certificate


(MEASURING STAND V24, 600-782 Universal measuring stand for COULOSCOPE CMS. Price per 10 including replacement seals type A, B, C; 1 measuring cell; 1 dummy cell; Connection cable V24 / 14 + V26 / 16-CMS and other accessories.)

600-792 2.2MM GRUN

(VE MEASURING CELLS RESISTANT., Green 2.2mm, 600-792 2.2 mm diameter (packed 10 pieces as a unit))


(VICE, 600-800 for accommodating small parts with fastening material for the table top from the tripod type V14 / V16 / V18 / V24 / V26)

600-820 F1

(PEEL ELECTROLYTE F1, 600-820, in plastic container, 1 liter, of Cr / Fe, Ni, Al, Sn and Iso / Al)

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