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Brand products Cebora


(4m and ground cable (10 mm²) to the ground terminal, 230V / 50Hz Fuse 16A sluggish, 3.5 kVA power at 35%, 2.8 kVA at 60% and 2.4 kVA at 100% duty, cutting current continuously 5-30 A, 230 A at 35%, 60% 25A and 22A at 100% ED, cutting strength on iron 8-12 mm (mean quality), 15 mm separating cut, air consumption of 60 l / min at 3.5 bar, weight 13kg)


button on the amperage setting of the welding machine

335, MMA 3536/T CELL 400V 50/60 HZ

Sound, Stick and TIG DC inverter welding power source "Cebora" Lift ignition. Suitable for Zellulosebeschichte electrodes. Delivery without welding cables. Can be operated on generator power. Device complies with standard EN 61000-3-12. Technical specifications: Power supply 400V +/- 10% / 50 / 60Hz (3 phase), Fuse 16A slow, power consumption 14.4 kVA at 35%, 10.0 kVA at 60%, 8.0 kVA at 100%, Current range 10-350A, 350A at 35% 270A 60% and 230A at 100% duty, sealable electrodes Ø1.5 -6 mm, IP23 S, net weight 26,3kg, dimensions: 297x463x588 (h) mm


Hand torch CP160 6m with central connection. Lgk.


Hand torch cutting head P150 / CP160


Swirl Ring for Burner CP41C


Nozzle 1.6 mm CP200


Fine step switch 1-8


(Mains 400V 50 / 60Hz 3-phase, protection 50A sluggish, Power consumption 27 kVA (40%), 22 kVA (605) and 16 kVA (100%), Current setting 20-160 A continuously, 160A duty at 40%, 120A at 60%, and 95A at 100%, compressed air consumption 250 l / min at 5 bar, protection class IP 21 S kg, net weight 140, Size 465x720x965 (h) mm. Delivery without plasma torch! Recommended cut capacity 40mm, max. Average power 45 mm, 50mm separation section.)

Mig 3840

Arc welding machines


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