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Technical Specification (Datasheet, Manual, etc.):

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Brand products Chromalox


1/16 DIN Temperatur Controller

4050 1R010

Control relay temp.

A-20, 110V, 425W

Ring Heater

ADS-SKF4-05002 50’’ LL

Thermocouple Springsensor

AR-214A60-250F 24

380V 3 PH 4,5 KW P/N:156-500506-235 Thermostat for heater


ARC Thermal Cutout


3kW, 480V, 3Ph


HEAT, Power 380V Pot.1,5Kw With Termostato, rosca 2” Long. Parte active (+/-725mm


Heating Element SER # : 156-500506-264 Phase : 3 Voltage : 440V / Capacity: 4.2 KW Voltage : 480 V / Capacity: 5.0KW

ARTMO-1000E2T4 240V 1000W

PCN 038834 / Part no. 303013263

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