Sale of Commonwealth products in United Kingdom

Commonwealth was founded in 1975 in Taiwan. It is the first company to produce AC cooling fans and one the leading fan manufacturers in Taiwan.

Products are sold worldwide, including USA, South America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Asia and Africa. Products are certified by UL, CAS, TUV and European CE.

Commonwealth’s cooling fans apply to any microprocessor: AMD, Intel, Pentium, Celeron.

Commonwealth offers electric DC drives with gear heads or without them, 12-24V DC.

Also, the company can offer custom produced motors and fans according to your needs.

The range includes filter elements, metal and plastic covers, cables.

The range of Commonwealth’s AC/DC fans and accessories can be effectively used in cooling applications.

Commonwealth relies on high quality, which made this company one among leading cooling equipment manufacturers.

Brand products Commonwealth

FP-108/DC 48V S-1B

FP-108/DC 48V S-1B


Fan 119x119x38mm 230VAC Terminal Ball Bearing


Fan 119x119x38mm 230VAC Terminal Sleeve Bearing


Fan 119x119x38mm 110/230VAC Wire Ball Bearing - Dual Voltage can work at 110VAC or 220VAC



FP-108B 220V S1

(terminal or wire type)


Fan 92x92x25.4mm Ball 220/240VAC Terminals

FP-108-C S1-B

TYPE:plastic k. voltage:220V Size(mm):162X150X55/38 power:46 w


fan,AC 230/240V, 50/60 Hz, 0.29A, 35W

FP-108EX S-1 220/240VAC

ball bearing with either terminals or 12” lead wires


(with lead wires or BT with terminals)

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