Sale of Cosmos products in United Kingdom

Cosmos is offered by Impexron GMBH for years at reasonable prices and delivery time to United Kingdom . Check our web page for products from the brand Cosmos regardless if they are not stated on our website, do not hesitate to contact us for all future product enquiries. Our products are delivered to your door with our wide distribution network throughout United Kingdom .
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Brand products Cosmos

30204 SDM-72

Grease Steel Dust Meter


(30000 Diffusion type detector head KD-2A-C1, 100% LEL CH4)

RV30YG 20S A104 x2 Log

Stereo volume potentiometer


SWITCH, volume, 2KΩ 2W


SWITCH, volume, 2KΩ 2W

XP 3180

Portable detection unit XP-3180, O2

XP 702 II ZT

gas detector


Gas leak detection device (suitable for natural gas)

FC-32PE 30271

Filter element

PE-2DC sample station SOx

Filter remover for filter SOx


Grease steel dust meter


Grease Steel Dust Meter


Detector head

RV30YN20S B502 10DC

Carbon Potentiometer

CO 702

Gas Detector

XP-702 III-B(S)

Gas dedector

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