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Brand products Electronicon


275,186 to 405,600 capacitor VPE 3 Paragraphs


(MKPg power capacitor 3 x 137μF, 440V, type L, 100 x 230 mm)


3x137uF / 400-440V power capacitor

P/N:1051120; Type:275.186-405600/221305

MKPg power capacitor3x56uF 600-690V, delta116x230mm, Type L gas-filled,Manufacturer: ElectroniconCountry of origin: D

275.186-515400/221402 obsolete, replacement 275.186-515400 221K02

MKPg power capacitor 3x154uF, 380-440V, delta connection 116x230mm, Type L gas-filled, Manufacturer: Electronicon Country of origin: D


(MKPg power capacitor 3 x 166μF, 440V, type L, 116 x 230 mm)


MKPg capagrip Capacittance 3x166 Q [kVAr] at 400V 25 dimensions 136x280


(MKPg power capacitor 3 x 82μF, 440V, Type K, 85 x 230 mm)

E05.C95-301 600 420 001

MKP 16uF/250V + TS parallel capacitor plastic case 30x95mm terminal does integrate Type A


MKP 12μF / 250V + TS parallel capacitor 30x95 mm plastic housing terminal integrated type A

E12.D78-40200 223001

Art. HG-26000; lamp capacitor Capacity: 20.0 uF Voltage: 280 Vac Dimensions: 35 x 78 mm Connection: Note: Condenser with overpressure protection ROHS Compliant




capacitor 2000vdc 1500vac


40Uf 1120VDC/680VAC


2250VDC/1350VAC 200uF


90uF 3400VDC/2000VAC

HG 26000 /MKPg25.0-440

(275176-513700 221502,20,0kVar; 400Vac, 3x137uF K 100x230mm; Fixing: bolts M12, Connection:, Manufacturer: Electro Nicon, country of origin: D ZolltarifNr .: 85322500)


275,186 to 809,600 / 221,702, MKPg power capacitor 3 x 96 uF, 380 - 525V, type L 116 x 230mm

MKP UHD25/440 280.399-313701/221302

Capacittance 3x137 Q [kVAr] at 400V 20 dimensions 136x280

MKPg 275.193-516600

Capacittance 3x166 dimensions 136x196 Q [kVAr] at 400V 25

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