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Brand products Elero

3MR 240 1059DS


757245301 JUNIOR 2

according to serial no. 230909392


Junior 1 / s Special version 0 -------------------- - -------------------- - Variant Variant H -------------------- - Construction / setting dimensions: Stroke length 100 mm perm. Hubminderung 10 mm Constr. AMIN 235 mm A dimension minimal 235 mm A-level maximum of 335 mm -------------------- - mounting: VA Befestigungselem. No Fixing the piston. joint eye Simple eye mount case 90 ° Alu -------------------- - Technical specifications : Thrust 2500 N Tractive force 2500 N Lifting speed 1.80 mm / s Operating voltage 24V DC mode S1 Diagram GS0400 Cable Type Standard Cable length 1.50 m Power consumption 1.3 A power consumption 32W protection IP54 Tieftemperaturber. No options: -------------------- - Pulses per mm stroke 0.00 Imp / mm -------------------- - -------------------- - Load moment lock No -------------------- - according Ser. 110021229

Brake lining for DFM 250

Brake lining for motor

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