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Brand products Esitron

APS 200.170

Software version : 015.003.07


positioning For AC / DC servo drives with +/- 10 speed specification Incremental encoder feedback With Serial RS232 - interface Software: 012.056.04 (Power-I: 20.5 / 2.04)



PR 120.320 SN: 133115

controller card

SBL 3-0250-45—41/PXS-A 

News is expected under investigation


Brushless servo motor with a 2-pole resolver - M0 = 5.3 Nm - N = 4500 rpm - Vrms = 400V - PTC winding protection - inertia 2.65 kgm ² - Axle 19x40mm without key - Standard pinning


Signal converter of transsonar (start-stop interface) by analog signal 0-10 V or 0- / 4-20 mA, resolution: 16 bits DIN rail 22,5x91,5x90mm (TT) Net weight: about 0.2 kg


Signalkonverter von Transsonar (Start-Stop-Schnittstelle)

APS 300.011

Main module




Display module

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