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Brand products Feig


VEK E BASE Socket for housing with 11pol. Connector, for mounting on top-hat or DIN rail


VEK M1H-A single-channel induction loop detector Single-channel induction loop detector Plastic housing for direct mounting IP40 on top-hat or C-rail; 85,5x22,5x79 (HxBxT) mm Luster terminal connections on the housing - Supply voltage 24 V AC / DC


Einfachdetektor Kunstst.-Gehäuse zur Direktmontage auf DIN-Schiene

VEK M2E-A obsolete,replaced by VEK MNE2-R230-C

Dual detector, plastic plug housing HxWxD 75x38x75mm, VAC Version voltage 230


Dual detector, plastic connector housing HxBxT 75x38x75mm,

VEK M1H-A Artikel-Nr. 0943.001.00



Power Supply Unit 5V

(4196.000.00) VEK MNE1-R24-A


VEK M2E -2

loop detector

4196.000.00 VEK MNE1-R24-A

Induction loop detector for presence detection

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