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Brand products Fema


Servovalve, Hydraulic,Hysterisis : Less than 5% Operating Voltage : 12VDC, 400mA


DWR06 0,1...0,6 bar - 0,04 bar


DWR06-203 0,1...0,6 bar - 0,08...0,5 bar


V-230 VA-10 50X60H2 DB-0510


Differential pressure switch

DNM 10-513

Pressure switch Range 1-10 bar Joining ½ G Type- ZF 513


Alerton Pressure monitor for hot water, steam, gas, fuel (DWR)


Alerton Pressure monitor for hot water, steam, gas, fuel (DWR)


pressure switch

FHBN 3 +ED1- obsolete, replaced by PTHDB0032V3

differential pressure transducer pressure: 0-2.5 bar Max pressure: 15 bar


Display : 4 digits (optional fifth digit on menu, fixed to zero) Maximum display : 9999 (99990) Minimum display : -9999 (-99990) Input signals : Vac, Aac Ranges : 600Vac, 100Vac, 10Vac, 1Vac, 100mVac Ranges : 5Aac, 1Aac Accuracy : up to 0.15% FS Coupling : AC or AC+DC Measure : TrueRMS Refresh : 15 / second Configuration: 3 front push-buttons, rear jumpers CATIII measure up to 300V CATII measure up to 600V Functions included -fixed digits -recursive filter -steps -memory of maximum -memory of minimum -left zeros -add zero to the right -password -measure -autocorrection of signal high -autocorrection of signal low -Peak&hold -double setpoints -brightness levels 7 segment display, red color Powered 85 to 265 Vac/Vdc Front IP54 Module with 1 relay output 3 contacts (NO/NC/comon) Max. 8A (resistive load) Max. 250Vac (continuous) 1 setpoint configurable (alarm as maximum or minimum) 2 setpoints configurable (window alarm


Temperature sensor immersion depth: 100mm

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