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Brand products Micro Detectors / Diell


SBCR03 / SAM Control unit for safety light barrier category 2 24 V DC with muting


SBCR03/SA0 Kontrolleinheit Operating voltage: 24 V DC Functions available: Automatic restart only EDM (with switching monitoring time: 300ms) Safety output: 2 static, PNP 500mA nominal (short circuits protection) Response time: ≤ 5 ms + sensor response time Protection degree: IP20 without Muting

380300010280, BX10SR/0AHB6A79

Kit 10 beams adj. P+N DO plug M12 with aluminium


BV4/000E Reflextaster diff. Reflexion 64x37x16mm; ABS; 20250 VAC; 0 200 mm; S M12; ACNO/ NC

800ZWK00001A CD12M/PA050C1

Rundsteckverbinder / Locking plug conn. M12; right angle; female; LED; 3pol; PNPN. O.; 5m PVCcable;

801ZWK00015A CD12M/0B050C1

Rundsteckverbinder / Locking plug conn. M12; right angle; female; 4pol; 5m cable;


Inductive sensor


Inductive Sensor


M.D. AM1 / AP-1H standard d.c. 3 wires inductive proximity sensor, M12 shielded NO / PNP (Structurally identical successor of PM1 / AP-1 H) Sn = 2 mm, flush, PNP, N, M12x1, 4-pin; Overall length: 65mm / Thread 50mm


including datasheet)


Photo cell PLASTIC

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